Senate Judiciary Advances Bill to Add Magistrates to Putnam and Monongalia Counties


The Senate Judiciary Committee met at 3:00 PM today to discuss two House bills and three Senate bills, all of which were advanced.

One bill of particular interest to the Committee was SB 653, which increases the number of magistrates in Putnam County. This bill was discussed and questioned in a previous meeting regarding an amendment made to increase the number of magistrates in Monongalia County as well as Putnam County. This amendment adds one magistrate for Monongalia County and one magistrate for Putnam County. This bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee for further consideration.

House bill 2602 includes the possession of known stolen property to the offense of receiving or transferring stolen property. The bill provides an exception for certain purchasers of scrap metal.

House bill 4179 enacts the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact. Counsel stated that 16 other states have already subscribed to this compact, including Virginia. A representative of the EMS Coalition spoke in favor of the bill and answered questions from the committee. The bill will be advanced to the full Senate.

Senate bills 662 and 490 were also advanced and will be reported to the full Senate with recommendation for passage.