Saturday, September 23, 2023

House Floor Session

House Refuses to Concur on Senate Bills 559 and 426

During the evening floor session, the House receded from its position to pass Senate Bill 187 and Senate Bill 625. Senate Bill 187 makes it...

Senate Floor Session

Senate Memorializes Life of John (Jay) Eckhart Jr.

The Senate began the final day of the 2023 legislative session by honoring the life of John (Jay) Eckhart Jr. with the adoption of...

Senate Committees

Senate Education Advances Special Education Monitoring Bill

A bill that would tighten monitoring of special education classrooms in West Virginia was recommended for passage by the Senate Education committee Thursday morning. House...

House Committees

House Judiciary Wraps Up Afternoon Meeting

The Judiciary Committee met this morning and this afternoon to considered the following. House Bill 3156 raises the compensation rates of panel attorneys. The bill...

Interim Reports

Swearing-In Ceremonies


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