House Convenes for Opening Day, Elects Officers.


The House of Delegates met today at Noon for Opening Day of the 1st Session of the 85th Legislature. The meeting, held in the House Chamber, was for organizational purposes and the election of officers, including Speaker of the House, Clerk of the House, Sergeant at Arms and head Door keeper. The Election returns for members elected to the House of Delegates was also entered into the record and all  members took the oath of office.

Delegate Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay) was elected as Speaker of the House for the 85th Legislature.

Steve Harrison was elected as Clerk of the House of Delegates.

Marshall Clay was elected as the Sergeant at Arms.

Robert Stewart was elected the Head Doorkeeper.

All officers were administered the oath of their respective offices by Justice Tim Armstead.

A Joint Assembly of the 85th legislature was held in the House Chamber to receive the certified statewide election returns.

Following the Joint Assembly, the House reconvened to adopt several resolutions relating to expenses, employment and the House and Joint Rules. The House then adjourned until February 10, 2021 at 12 p.m.