House Elevates Economic Development Office and Tourism Office to Cabinet Level.

Today, The House of Delegates passed House Bill 2019, which seeks to reorganize and redesignate the Development Office as the Department of Economic Development and the Tourism Office as the Department of Tourism to reflect the importance of economic development and of tourism programs and initiatives in this state.

Two other bills on third reading were also passed from the House Special Calendar.

Another bill, House Bill 2002, relating to Broadband, which had been placed on the House Calendar earlier in the week, was placed on the House Special Calendar on 2nd Reading by the Rules Committee and referred to the House Technology and Infrastructure Committee.

Meanwhile, two bills, House Bill 2536 and House Bill 2582, were moved from the House Special Calendar to the House Calendar on 2nd and 1st Reading by the Rules COmmittee, respectively.

The House is adjourned until 11 a.m. tomorrow.

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