Juvenile Restorative Justice Bill Goes to Senate


Today, the House of Delegates passed two bills to the Senate.

House Bill 2094 relates to the restorative justice program. The bill allows for the program to include other offenses. The juvenile restorative justice program is a voluntary option for the victim and offender, where the victim is in control. They enter the program with the focus of repairing the harm through communication and mediation. The bill also states that the offender can only go through the program once.

House Bill 2184 creates a new crime and sets penalties for exposing government representatives to fentanyl or other harmful drugs or chemical agents. It states that if there is no injury, then the charge is a misdemeanor. However, if there is injury, the charge is a felony with a two-to-five-year prison sentence and a $2,000 fine.

One bill was read a second time and 6 bills were read for the first time including, Senate Bill 12 and Senate Bill 14. Both passed the Senate yesterday.




The House is adjourned until 11 am tomorrow, February 25, 2021.