Day 60 is Complete


During this afternoon, the House passed four bills and several resolutions.

Senate Bill 344 eliminates the sunset provision in the credit for qualifying rehabilitated buildings investment section of code.

Senate Bill 368 permits the payment of excess money from the Solid Waste Facility Closure Cost Assistance Fund into the Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program Fund.

Senate Bill 492 requires the owners of wind generation facilities and solar generation facilities to notify and provide certain information to the Department of Environmental Protection, including dates when operations began and plans with cost estimates for decommissioning facilities. The bill requires DEP to determine and assess a reclamation bond based on a facility’s total disturbed acreage and establish a minimum bond value. It requires the owners of said facilities to submit bonds payable to the state in a form and in a sum determined by the DEP, conditioned on the satisfactory decommissioning; providing that owners of said facilities may enter into alternative reclamation agreements after approval by the DEP.

Senate Bill 718 provides for rebate of severance tax when capital investment made in new machinery and equipment directly used in severance of coal, or in coal preparation and processing plants. It provides rules and procedures for claiming rebate and transfer to successors.

House Concurrent Resolution 113 extends the 2021 Regular Session to May 10, 2021.

House Concurrent Resolution 114 states that after the April 10th adjournment, the Legislature shall return on May 10, 2021.

The House is in recess until 4 pm.

The House received more Senate messages this afternoon.

House Bill 2368, Mylissa Smith’s Law, creates patient visitation privileges during public health state emergencies.

House Bill 2581 provides for revised methodology to value property producing oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids by the Tax Commissioner for property tax assessments. It provides for methods, calculation requirements, and definitions, all used to determine fair market value, net proceeds, weighted average prices from regional markets, actual receipts, actual annual operating costs, a statewide capitalization rate, average industry production decline rates.

House Bill 2770 adds home confinement officers to the definition of law-enforcement officers.

Senate Bill 263 permits online raffles to benefit charitable and public service organizations.

The House receded from its position and passed Senate Bill 542. The bill requires that all public electric utilities maintain a contract for a 30-day aggregate furl supply for the remainder of the life of existing coal-fired plants. It also requires that public electric utilities provide advanced notice of retirement, shutdown, or sale of electricity-generating units.

The House is in recess until 8 pm.

The Rules Committee will meet at 7:45 pm in room 434M.

This evening, the House continued to hear Senate messages.

House Bill 3106 changes the hearing requirement for misdemeanors to five days.

Senate Bill 562 creates a process to raise and resolve questions of a competency in juvenile delinquency matters. It prohibits a juvenile found to be incompetent to stand trial to be placed in Bureau of Juvenile Services facility.

House Bill 2671 sets criminal penalties for violations or contempt of protective order for victims of financial exploitation.

House Bill 3089 makes utility workers essential employees during a state of emergency.

The House is adjourned sine die.