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Interim Report: Infrastructure

The Select Committee on Infrastructure met on June 13, 2022.

The Committee heard an update on broadband in West Virginia. A billion-dollar broadband investment from the Governor. Four programs for deploying assets. The targeted addresses will be reached with various funding programs. LEAD Program is the network line extension to get broadband to more addresses. GigReady provides technical assistance to various entities, such as cities and county commissions, to ensure areas are covered by fiber. Technical and Operational Financial Resilience Broadband Development impact is helping with the speed of market, speed of service, and feasibility. Wireless Internet Networks is the last state-created project. The Federal Government is going to start the Affordable Connectivity Program, which will help provide a monthly credit for broadband.

The Committee also heard an update on funding and projects involving water development in the state. AEP provided an update. Fiber projects have expanded into southern West Virginia. They are facing supply chain issues.

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