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Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Interim Report: Joint Energy Committee

Members of the Joint Energy Committee heard from industry experts regarding battery storage during Monday’s legislative interim meetings in Morgantown.

Adam Kabulski, Vice President for Sales and Marketing for EPC Power Corp, discussed grid-level battery storage that can support not only wind and solar, but coal-and gas-fired power generation too.

Kabulski explained that a single battery is just a small flat cell producing about 4 volts. Cells are compiled into modules, modules into cabinet racks and racks into shipping-size containers called power conversion systems (PCS).

Kabulski told members that PCS’s can be helpful in many ways. Grid power demand has peaks and valleys and stored power can draw from storage when demand charges go up. They can also provide backup power in times of interruption. For power plants and grid systems, they can respond quickly to grid demands and fluctuations.

Kabulksi said there is no one-size-fits-all approach to supplying power to the grid. The key is to find balance.

Joel Harrington, Director of Public Energy Policy for the Eastern U.S. branch of Enel North America, discussed six utility scale projects in the works in West Virginia with a total 769 MW of power generation and 185 MW of storage.

Harrington also informed members that Enel is developing a partnership with WVU to support its Energy and Environments program and collaboration with WV Women Work.

Watch here.

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