Friday, June 2, 2023

Interim Report: LOCEA

The Legislative Oversight on Education Accountability met on May 7th to hear policies that are or have been up for public discussion with the Board of Education and WVSSAC.

WVBE Policy 5901, Regulations for Alternative Certification Programs for the Education of Teachers, will be refiled with a 30-day review to add revisions including changes made with House Bill 3035. The revised policy allows for more flexibility to accept candidates into alternative certification programs who met the minimum educational qualifications leading to initial teacher certification.

WVBE Policy 6204, School Closings or Consolidations, had nine changes, four were simple language changes and five were new procedures, including supporting data requirements and extended review periods.

WVSSAC 127 CSR 1, Constitution, made three changes, including a second confirmation vote, increasing annual honoraria payment from $500 to $1,000, and changes to the Board of Control.

WVSSAC 127 CSR 2, Athletics, Provisions Governing Eligibility, expands extracurricular eligibility to allow students who are in homeschool, private school, microschools, etc. at public schools. The policy also adds in House Bill 2820, with one-time transfer 9 through 12.

WVSSAC 127 CSR 3, Provisions Governing Contests, creates flex days for practices. Each sport program may use 12 flex days from Monday of Week 49 through Friday of Week 48 of the following academic year. A flex day is a day outside of the regular season and outside of the three-week practice window when a coach can have sport-specific contact with student-athletes.

WVSSAC 127 CSR 4, Provisions Governing Conduct, revises the length of suspensions as a consequence of ejection by an official.

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