Friday, September 29, 2023

Senate Completes Action on 16 Bills, Adjourns Sine Die

The Senate completed action on 16 bills Tuesday evening before adjourning the First Special Session of 2023 Sine Die.

The Senate began the floor session by concurring in the House amendments and completing action on seven bills. The bills the body concurred on are as follows:

Senate Bill 1003 – This bill is an appropriation of $5.8 million that doubles the bonus for non-uniformed corrections workers. The workers will receive roughly $2,300 upon hiring then another $2300 in March 2024.

Senate Bill 1004 – This is an allocation to Department of Corrections in the amount of over $142,000.

Senate Bill 1005 – This is another appropriation to the Department of Corrections that ties in to other bills in that package.

Senate Bill 1009: This bill deals with necessary medical care in the state’s jails/prisons. The original bill gave the Department of Corrections the authority to decide what procedures are medically necessary. The House amended the bill to say corrections must do this in consultation with a medical professional.

Senate Bill 1010: This bill authorizes the State Supreme Court to develop pretrial release programs and an electronic court date reminder system. The House amended the legislation to clarify that the program was limited to offenders convicted on non-violent misdemeanors.

Senate Bill 1023: This legislation appropriates $3 million to the Department of Homeland Security, Division of Emergency Management, Growth County Fire Protection Fund and County Fire Protection Fund

Senate Bill 1031: This bill appropriates $125 million for the consolidated state lab and is the second half of an appropriation passed earlier.

Following concurrence on House amendments to Senate bills, the body suspended the constitutional rules to complete action on eight House bills that were passed Sunday. Those bills include:

House Bill 112: This bill makes changes to child support guidelines, fixing technical errors to Senate Bill 573 that was passed during the 2023 Regular Session.

House Bill 114: This bill supplements and amends appropriations to the PEIA.

House Bills 115 and 116: These bills supplement and amend the appropriations to state aid to schools.

House Bill 117: This bill allocates $45 million to Marshall University’s General Administration Fund for the 2024 fiscal year.

House Bill 124: This legislation designates Summersville Lake as a state park.

House Bill 125: This legislation fixes errors in legislation that was passed in the 2023 regular session to give taxpayers a rebate on their car tax.

House Bill 128: This bill creates a new Governor’s Contigency Fund and allocates $85 towards it.

House Bill 144: This legislation includes Potomac State College of West Virginia in the definition of community and technical college education program for participation in the “Learn and Earn Program”

The Senate has adjourned Sine Die.

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