Friday, September 22, 2023


The Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Resources Accountability met this morning to hear an update on the reorganization of DHHR into three departments.

First, the Department of Commerce Secretary presented his experience with shared services between departments. The Department of Tourism and the Department of Economic Development use shared services such as legal, accounting, marketing, and communications.

The new secretaries of the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Health Facilities presented on the reorganization of DHHR. They provided drafts of the organizational charts.

They are working to identify areas of large vacancies in each department and deciding how to recruit or cut positions. Communication has been and will continue to be key in the reorganization process. Each secretary has met with the new departments to understand the critical needs for moving forward. A memorandum of understanding is in the works. The departments are working with higher education institutions to fill vacancies. Some bureaus have seen decreases in vacancies since January, however, health facilities have seen an increase.

The three departments will share services under the Office of Shared Administration. There will be a chief of staff who will work for all three secretaries. Chief of Staff is a new position, which will be filled by a current employee. The executive assistant, office manager, and receptionist will report to the chief of staff. Shared Administration will also include Constituent Services, Core Communications/marketing, Core Finance, Core HR, Core Procurement/Purchasing, and Core Operations. The secretaries also have considered the following positions or departments within Shared Administration, if needed, Deputy Chief of Staff, Continuous Quality Improvement, Strategic Initiatives, and Grants.

***This is a draft organizational chart.

The Department of Human Services will have a secretary and two deputy secretaries, who will report to the secretary. The Deputy Secretary of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder will oversee the Bureau for Behavioral Health and the Office of Drug Control Policy. The Deputy Secretary for Child and Adult Services will oversee the Bureau of Social Services, the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement, and the Office of Continuous Quality Improvement. Also reporting to the Human Services Secretary will be the Bureau for Family Assistance, Bureau for Medical Services, MIS, Media Relations, and Counsel.











***This is a draft organizational chart.

The Department of Health Facilities will have a secretary who oversees the Director of Strategy, COO Facilities, Hospital CEOs, and Long-Term Care CEOs. COO Facilities will work with the Director of Strategy. The Secretary will also oversee counsel, media relations, and MIS.

***This is a draft organizational chart.

The Department of Health will have a secretary who will oversee a deputy secretary, counsel, media relations, and MIS. The Office Directors for Emergency Medical Services, Chief Medical Examiners, Threat Preparedness, and Health Care Authority will report to the Secretary along with the Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Health and Inspector General. Under the Inspector General will be OFLAC, the Board of Review, the Office of Foster Care Ombudsman, the Office of Investigations & Fraud Management, the Olmstead Office, the Office of Quality Control, the Office of Mental Health Ombudsman, WV CARES, and the Human Rights Commission.



***This is a draft organizational chart.

The Committee also received an update on the unwinding of the Medicaid Continues Enrollment Provision. For three years, no one was rolled off Medicaid. The Medicaid Unwind began in March of 2023. West Virginia is working with multiple partners for a 12-month unwind. Information is being tracked well and is on the Medicaid website.

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