Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Interim Report: LOCHHRA

The Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Resources Accountability met today in Wheeling and heard updates on the reorganization of DHHR.
The Department of Health will consist of the Bureau for Public Health, the Office of Emergency Management Services, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the Center for Threat Preparedness, and the Office of the Inspector General.
The Bureau for Public Health will be focusing on addressing vacancies and the aging workforce. The agency needs to hirer people who want to be apart of the agency long-term. In the next five years, more than half of their current employees will be eligible for retirement. The agency also wants to expand programs like birth to three to be birth to five.
The Office of EMS hopes to make WV the first state to provide whole blood in the field. Currently, Cabell County is providing whole blood in the field and the plan is to expand across the state.
The Office of Chief Medical Examiner is working on the invoicing process. The Center for Treat Preparedness is reviewing action plans. The Office of the Inspector General is caught up on all OFLACC requests.
The Department of Human Services will consist of the Bureau for Medical Services, the Bureau for Family Assistance, the Bureau for Behavior Health, the Bureau of Social Services, the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement, and the Office of Drug Control Policy.
The Bureau for Medical Services is focused on the Medicaid unwind and setting rates, as well as the Manage Care RFQ, which is set for December. The Bureau for Family assistance is working on full implementation of family support centers, as well as SNAP, TANF, and utility assistance support. The Bureau for Behavior Health is focused on developing a certified community behavior health center. The agency is also working to complete a homelessness study.
The Bureau for Social Services is working on the youth residential model and rate restructure. The agency is also working to transform child welfare, with an improved decision making model and improved time to first contact. The agency is working on workforce recruitment, retention, and support.
The Department of Human Services has identified 40 positions that are no longer needed. The department is also working on completing reviews on contracts and grants.
The Department of Health Facilities will consist of the state hospitals and facilities. State facilities are being evaluated as well.

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