Monday, May 20, 2024
Monday, May 20, 2024

Interim Report: LOCEA

The Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability met this afternoon.

The Commission first heard a report on the progress of assessors in each county. Assessors are assessing properties at the constitutionally required 60 percent of market value level and the effects of increasing the limit on the increase in total property tax revenues to 2 percent.

The following amendments to policies were presented during the meeting:

1.      WVBE Policy 2322 provides an accountability system for all WV public schools and counties to set expectations for outcome-focused and innovation preparation of students for college and careers. The policy requires county BoE members to receive training in WV public schools. The amendment to the policy clarifies language to identify the schools that need support. 

2. The WVBE Policy 7212 amendment makes changes to WV students who are enrolled or seeking to enroll in schools outside of their attendance zone or county school district. 

3.      WVBE Policy 2444.4 establishes protocols for the WV GED and the WVDE-approved High School Equivalency test, Option Pathway, and the Mountaineer Challenge Academy Graduation. The amendment adds Mountaineer Challenge Academy, Mountaineer Challenge Job, and CIRL. The amendment clarifies the procedures for acquiring a high school equivalency diploma, the implementation of an Option Pathway in high school, MCA, and MCJP, and the use of the high school equivalency assessment for credit recovery. 

4.      WVBE Policy 4373 sets the requirements for developing safe and supportive schools to provide optimal learning conditions. The amendment brings the behaviors back into the policy and assigns them a default level. 

5.      WVBE Policy 2520.4 revises the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Social Studies. The amendment clarifies content and aligns with the new Personal Finance course. 

6.      WVBE Policy 2520.15 defines the standards for WV Pre-K programs. The amendment aligns more with recent kindergarten standards and federal Head Start child outcomes. 

7.      WVBE Policy 8300 amendment creates the Safe Schools Fund. 

The policies are open for comments on the BoE website

The Commission also heard updates on the middle-of-the-year benchmark and screener results, reports on college-going rates, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) changes. The Commission also received a report on international education and student trends.

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