Friday, May 24, 2024
Friday, May 24, 2024

Interim Report: Joint Committee on Health

The Committee on Health met this evening.

The Committee first year an update on childcare in the state. Child care in WV has many partners; it is not just Human Services. The Department of Human Services and the Bureau for Family Assistance are responsible for the childcare development block grant. This grant provides funding for referrals, licensing, quality improvement support, and childcare subsidies. The block grant was created in 1990. The six childcare resource and referral regions were created in 1998. In 2014, the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) was reauthorized, and improvements were made to the health and safety requirements. The grant moved from a 6-month to a 12-month eligibility.

In Grant Year 2023, WV served 25,115 children and received $8,812,194 in state general revenue and $68,542,476 from the CCDBG. After the pandemic, payment became enrollment-based. Supplemental rates were provided based on 85 percent SMI. The TANF program has helped maintain payment based on enrollment through August 2024.

The 2024 rule change to the Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG) mandates payment by enrollment, which the state is already doing. It prohibits family copayments above 7 percent of family income, WV is at 3 percent. The rule eliminates copay for more families and expands sustainable payment practices: payment by enrollment and payment in advance. The rule encourages the state to pay their established subsidy rate even if private pay rates are less. The rule ensures providers are not negatively impacted by affordable family copayments and encourages faster eligibility. The rule clarifies eligibility for additional siblings and encourages simplification of verification. Finally, the rule made more health and safety clarifications.

In Grant Year 2023, the state received $68,542,476 in federal funding. In Grant Year 2024, the state received $72,909,154 in federal funding, an increase of over $5 million. There will be an increase of $2.3 million per month for the enrollment-based payment. Other requirements of the 2024 rule could result in increased costs.

The Committee also heard a presentation on the Medicaid Budget. Members received a copy of the last 12 months of Medicaid expenditures and a discussion on waivers.

The Committee heard more about IDD Waiver Services in the State from the provider Stonebrook.

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