Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024

Interim Report: Joint Judiciary Committee

The Joint Judiciary Committee met this morning to hear a presentation on the enforcement of SB 679 and the regulation of hemp, kratom, and THC products (HKT). To sell these products, businesses must have certifications on their business license for hemp, kratom, and THC products. Businesses must also have certifications to sell drug paraphernalia, and tobacco/vape products. 

The Tax Department provides education and information first. If education does not work, enforcement will take place, such as formally written warnings. Excise tax issues are handled through the seizure of contraband products. Business license issues are handled through misdemeanor citations or criminal complaints. Drug paraphernalia cannot be sold at fairs and festivals. Localities could have additional regulations. 

In the past three months, 105 stores selling vapes/HKT products have been inspected. Two of the stores received 5-day notices and 133 received warning notices. Six stores had 289 packs of illegal cigarettes, 137 boxes of vape products, and 439,383 milliliters seized. Three stores were illegally selling drug paraphernalia. Fourteen stores were caught selling to underage individuals. 

Work is still being done to perfect and tweak the rules for the sale of products. Several agencies are working together to do this. Hemp is an industrial crop, as stated in the 2018 Federal Farm Bill.

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