House Passes Anesthesia Bill


The House passed 12 bills Wednesday, including one relating to administering anesthetics.

House Bill 4356 updates credentials for certified nurse anesthetists who cooperate with a physician or dentist. An amendment offered on third reading was adopted, which states that the administration of anesthesia may be provided by a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) in cooperation with an anesthesiologist. If no anesthesiologist is readily available, the administration of anesthesia may be provided by a certified registered nurse anesthetist, in cooperation with a physician or dentist.

Under this bill, surgeons will not have to direct or be in the presence of the CRNA during the administration of anesthesia. The patient will be ready for their procedure once the doctor walks into the room. The bill aims to benefit rural or smaller hospitals that do not have anesthesiologists readily available to perform procedures. It will also not hold physicians or dentists liable for the practice of the CRNA.

The bill passed as amended.

The House also passed 11 other bills and completed action on Senate Bills 311 and 357. Senate Bill 311 provides that a judge or magistrate may choose to order community service in lieu of incarceration or a fine. Under this bill, an 8-hour day of service substitutes for one day of incarceration. The purpose of this bill is to reduce the prison population and also have more people participating in services that benefit the community.

Three bills were advanced to third reading. Seventeen bills were advanced to second reading.

House Bills 4692-4711 were introduced.

The House is adjourned until 11 a.m. Thursday.