House Passes Religious Freedom Bill


The House passed House Bill 4069 Tuesday, relating to religious freedoms in schools.

House Bill 4069 creates the West Virginia Student Religious Liberties Act. This bill provides that public school districts cannot discriminate against student’s religious beliefs. Students may express their religious views in schoolwork and pray during the school day without being penalized or rewarded. The bill also sets parameters for speakers at non-graduation and graduation events. This legislation cooperates with standards set forward by the federal government and the United States Constitution.

Six Senate Bills were passed, therefore completing action on these bills.

Nine bills were advanced to third reading. Eleven bills were advanced to second reading. Action for House Bill 4551 was postponed for one day.

Twelve resolutions were introduced. House Bills 4791-4954 were introduced. Today was the last day for the House to introduce new bills.

The House is adjourned until 11 a.m. Wednesday.