Best Interest of the Child Protection Act of 2021 Advances


The House Judiciary Committee moves two bills to the House.

House Bill 2363, the Best Interest of the Child Protection Act of 2021, establishes co-equal shared legal and physical custody of a child. The presumed best interest of a child is co-equal custody, or 50/50 custody unless one parent identifies as neglectful, abusive, or a danger to the child. The goal is to maintain relationships with parents and siblings, including half-siblings, through the co-equal share legal and physical custody of children.

House Bill 2160 requires the Division of Motor Vehicles to provide certain identification documents to homeless individuals, residing at homeless shelters within this state, at no cost. The identification documents include a photo ID card or a replacement driver’s license, as these documents are needed to gain employment. The bill does require an affidavit to be signed by an employee of the homeless shelter, as the shelter would be listed as the place of residence.