Senate Judiciary Advances 3 House Bills, 1 Senate Bill


The Senate Judiciary Committee met at 3:00 PM today and advanced four bills, three of which were House bills. These four bills will be reported to the full Senate with recommendation for passage.

HB 2922 deals with requirements for a person found guilty of opiate or opioid possession to obtain a final order of dismissal. The bill authorizes a court to require the successful completion of a drug court program or drug treatment program for the defendant to qualify for a final order of discharge or dismissal. This bill does not apply to those found guilty of the possession of marijuana.

HB 4275 is a Rules bundle which authorizes the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety to promulgate rules relating to the state Fire Commission.

SB 484 requires that free feminine hygiene products be provided to female inmates of state correctional facilities and juvenile detention centers, and defines a term. The bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee before being reported to the full Senate.

HB 3039 was also approved by the committee and will be reported to the full Senate.