Senate Finance Advances 3 Originating Bills


The Senate Finance Committee met at 3 p.m. Wednesday to discuss three bills originating in the committee, all of which were reported to the full Senate.

Originating bills 1 and 2 were previously included in SB 571, but were removed from the committee substitute for clarification purposes.

Originating Bill 1 expires funds from the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to the Department of Health and Human Resources and clarifies amounts.

Originating Bill 2 expires funds from the State Lottery Excess Revenue Fund to the Department of Veteran’s Assistance.

Originating Bill 3 supplements, decreases, amends and creates new appropriation to the WV National Guard Counterdrug Forfeiture Fund.

SB 725 was also advanced to the full Senate. This bill creates another supplemental appropriation to the Department of Education.