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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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House Health Advances Three Bills

Today, the Committee on Health and Human Resources advanced three bills.

House Bill 2024 would expand the use of telemedicine by allowing medical personnel to participate in telemedicine, ensure parity between telemedicine and in-person visits, and restrict the ability of medical professional boards to apply additional restrictions to telemedicine. The committee substitute of this bill incorporates parts of Senate Bill 1. Senate Bill 1 was removed from the agenda and House Bill 2024 advances to the House.

House Bill 2368 would allow visitation by family, hospice and/or clergy to patients at health care facilities during the pandemic. It also protects those facilities from lawsuits and administrative complaints that could arise by allowing patients visitation.

House Bill 2093 would allow West Virginia veterans to utilize the services of medical foster homes approved by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs. It also exempts the caretakers from having to submit to a duplicate background examination through the WV CARES program.

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