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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Parent & Student Health Rights Act Advances to Judiciary

The House Education Committee met this afternoon. The committee’s agenda has four bills on it and all bills have advanced.

HJR 102 requires the state board of education to be subject to rule-making review. If passed the proposed amendment would be voted on in the 2022 general election. The resolution advances to the Judiciary Committee.

HB 4071 creates a Parent and Student Health Rights Act. The act states that public schools shall not impose a mandate on any student or employee or impose a testing or quarantining mandate if the student or employee is asymptomatic. The bill relates only to COVID-19. The bill advances to the Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 4074 requires schools to establish a program in public schools to provide training and awareness for school personnel and students on self-harm behavior and eating disorder awareness, prevention, and treatment resources. The bill, Megan’s Law, requires schools disseminate information relating to self-harm behavior and eating disorders to students to make them aware of resources available to them. The bill advances to the full House.

House Bill 4065 provides for regular classes in a hunter safety orientation program to be conducted in schools across the state.  The bill advances to the full House.

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