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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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House Gov. Org. Advances Four Bills in Saturday Meetings

The Committee on Government Organization met this morning, advancing four bills.

Senate Bill 172 increases the compensation of elected county officials. The bill advances.

Senate Bill 253 designates the Secretary of State as the state’s liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau for purposes of redistricting phases for the federal decennial census. The bill requires county commissions to submit information to the Secretary of State relating to precinct updates. The bill advances to the floor.

Senate Bill 492 authorizes the use of nonrenewal of vehicle registration provisions shall be effective whenever a reciprocal enforcement agreement is entered into by the West Virginia Parkways Authority, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, and any state sharing a common border with the state. The bill advances.

Senate Bill 698 expands the number of members on the Governor’s Veterans Council from 9 to 11 members. The bill also amends the criteria on how members are selected. The bill advances.

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