Friday, June 2, 2023

House Judiciary Rejects House Bill 2459

The House Judiciary Committee met this afternoon to consider the following legislation.

House Bill 2869 creates the Radiation Control Act and the Radiation Advisory Board. The bill states that the DEP shall be the State Radiation Control Agency and provides for Radon education, screening, testing, and mitigation to be handled by the DEP. The bill provides for the inspection of X-ray machines and for reports, fees, and qualifications of such inspectors. The cost of the inspection shall be coved by fees paid to the program. The bill allows for the licensing of radioactive material. It creates the Radiation Site Closure and Reclamation Fund and the Radiation Licensure and Inspection Fund. The bill allows for impounding sources of ionizing radiation. It allows for the Governor and DEP to enter into agreements with the federal government. The bill creates an enforcement section with civil penalties. The bill clarifies that the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection shall have authority over the Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact.

House Bill 2611 removes territorial limitations on a banking institution’s ability to offer messenger services or mobile banking facilities.

House Bill 2459 clarifies the application of zoning requirements to exempt wholesale generators. Wholesale generators are any person or entity who is not a utility company and purchases, constructs, or operates an electric generating facility as an exempt federal law including any energy storage. The entity must seek siting authorization from the PSC. The motion to report the bill out failed.

House Bill 2821 allows gambling and lottery winnings to be written off against losses. The committee amendment changes the date to 2020 and allows this to take effect retroactively with amended returns.

The remainder of the agenda will be taken up later this week.

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