Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024

House HHR Committee Advances Five Bills and Rejects One

The Committee on Health and Human Resources met this afternoon to consider the following.

House Bill 2075 requires regular updates to a patient’s medication regimen to be provided to the patient’s pharmacy. The bill also requires labeling to clearly state what the medication is being used for.

House Bill 2994 extends the time a glass prescription is valid from one year to three years. It also extends the prescription for contacts from one year to 18 months. The bill was rejected.

House Bill 3278 updates the practice of optometry. The bill allows optometrists to perform all procedures in which the optometric is certified.

House Bill 3199 clarifies that the termination of ectopic pregnancy does not have to be reported when abortion data is reported to the vital statistics registration.

House Bill 3306 moves the Office of Drug Control Policy under the direction of the Governor from DHHR.

House Bill 3092 requires local and county health departments to issue a mobile food establishment reciprocity permit to a mobile food service establishment that is operating within the State of West Virginia and holds a valid mobile food establishment permit from the vendor’s county of residence.

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