Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

House Gov Org Advances Five Bills in Evening Meeting

The Committee on Government Organization met this evening to consider the following.

House Bill 3424 funds the West Virginia State Athletic Commission by implementing a 3% gate fee for all ticket and pay-per-view sales, live streaming rights, video rights, sold for such contests, and any rebroadcast rights from sanctioned events and requiring licensed promoters to provide the commission with a report showing the gross proceeds from all ticket and pay-per-view sales live streaming right, video rights, sold for such contests and any rebroadcast rights.

House Bill 3490 amends the State Code regarding the consolidation of local governments. The bill defines the powers and privileges of a consolidated local government. The percentage vote required to approve metro government in municipal and countywide elections from 55 percent to a majority in counties with populations below 20,000.

House Bill 2305 exempts foreign market vehicles manufactured 25 or more years ago from certain title requirements and allows registration upon application and payment of an additional $25 fee.

House Bill 2860 ensures the safe disposal of AFFF fire-fighting foam.

House Bill 2782 requires that municipal elections be held concurrently with regularly scheduled primary or general elections.

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