Wednesday, November 29, 2023

House Finance Completes Agenda for Special Session

House Finance met several times today to consider this agenda.

House Bill 122 allocates $12 million from surplus to the Division of Emergency Management for the following: $3 million for the All County Fire County Protection Fund, $3 million to the County Fire Protection Fund, and $6 million to the Fire Protection Fund for FY24.

House Bill 123 gives spending authority to the Department of Homeland Security to spend the funds appropriated in HB122.

House Bill 126 transfers surplus funds of $150,000,000 to the State Road Fund for equipment and paving.

House Bill 127 appropriates $100,000,000 for the above funding for maintenance and $50,000,000 for equipment for the Division of Highways.

House Bill 130 allocates $2,000,000 of surplus to the Office of Technology for improvements relating to communications between departments, digital governance, and cyber security.

House Bill 132 allocates $4,000,000 to the Division of Forestry for equipment.

House Bill 134 allocates $4,000,000 for the Division of Arts, Culture, and History for updates and repairs to meet ADA requirements as well as the creation of an outdoor natural resources exhibit.

House Bill 137 allocates $1,000,000 for the Clarksburg Veterans’ Nursing Home to acquire beds.

House Bill 139 allocates $15,000,000 of unused allocations to the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority for buildings.

House Bill 141 allocates from surplus $1,000,000 to the State Police for security updates including cameras and updated locking systems.

House Bill 142 reallocates $12 million of expiring BOE funding to the BOE for FY24.

House Bill 143 allocates $5,225,000 from surplus to DHHR for the Consolidated Medical Services Fund to license Behavior Health Programs through OFLAC.

House Bill 117 allocates $45 million from surplus to the Marshall University Cybersecurity Program, which is a growing program at the University.

House Bill 128, as amended,  allocates $85,000,000 to the Governor’s Civil Contingent Fund.

House Bill 129 allocates $25 million to the Economic Development Authority for the building of an airline hanger for the Pierpont Aviation Mechanic Program. Pierpont’s current hanger is maxed out on class limit. This hanger will allow for increased class sizes. Pierpont will rent the hanger from the EDA at a nominal rate then eventually pay a market rate.

Motions were made to reconsider House Bill 103 and House Bill 104 and amendments were offered.

House Bill 103, as amended, increases the surplus allocation to the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation to $5,827,834 to allow for two bonus payments of $2,294 to nonuniformed employees, one at hire and one in March 2024.

House Bill 104, as amended, increases the allocations to the Division of Corrections $142,376 to allow for two bonus payments of $2,294 to nonuniformed employees, one at hire and one in March 2024.

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