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Monday, September 26, 2022

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Legislature Completes Second Special Session

The Legislature returned for day two of the Second Extraordinary Session.


After some debate, the House suspended the rules and completed legislative action on Senate Bill 2001.


Senate Bill 2001 discontinues the revolving loan from the Board of Treasury Investments to the Economic Development Authority upon the authority’s receipt of an appropriation by the legislature. The bill requires the Board of Treasury Investments to make a revolving loan available to the Department of Transportation. A special revenue fund shall be established to receive loan moneys. The bill permits the Secretary of Transportation to make certain expenditures of loan moneys and requires the secretary to reimburse the fund upon receipt of federal reimbursement moneys. The bill allows the board of Treasury Investments to inspect records related to the fund. A sunset date of June 30, 2027 is set. The bill establishes accounting and auditing standards. The bill provides that documents and materials related to high-impact economic development projects are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.


The Senate convened for Confirmations. All 21 of the Governor’s nominations were confirmed.


Both, the House of Delegates and the Senate are adjourned Sine Die.

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