Monday, March 27, 2023

INTERIM REPORT: Oversight Commission on DOT Accountability

The Legislative Oversight Committee on DOT Accountability met this afternoon.

The committee received a report from the naming resolutions sub-committee and accepted the annual report from the Department of Transportation.

DOT Secretary Jimmy Wriston provided an update on the Department of Highways’ work. The DOH is ready for bad weather events. He stated there has been some inflation on salt but there hasn’t been an inventory issue yet. The inventory concerning the DOT/DOH right now is a possible fuel shortage. Canopy clearing began November 15 and will continue through March 30. The goal for canopy clearing this year is 500 total acres.

The DOT was awarded Marshall and WVU Tech’s employer of the year. The department is going to begin hiring college students for part-time positions to allow them to gain experience while still in school. This year the DOT hired over 1000 people. Retention will be the focus over the next few months.

WV Parkways Authority Director Jeff Miller provided an update on the toll system. The toll system is undergoing major improvements including license plate cameras, POS upgrades, and additional payment options. The agency is currently transitioning the system from hardware storage to cloud storage. Toll rates are expected to increase by five percent in 2025.

EZ pass continues to be the quickest way to get through the tolls. The agency has seen an increase in EZ pass usage.

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