Friday, March 1, 2024
Friday, March 1, 2024

Interim Report: LOCDOTA

In the Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on the Department of Transportation Accountability, the DOT’s annual report was discussed. It was submitted on January 4th.

The number of slips has been reduced from 2300 slips to 506 in the last few years. In pothole patching, the Department used 10,000 tons less asphalt than last year. Record pacing is taking place every year. The General Revenue Paving consisted of 336 projects, which used 97 percent of the estimated projections. With the remaining funds, a few more projects will be added to be paved in the spring.

On bridge projects, 26 bridge projects in the Northern Panhandle have been completed. Annual bridge inspections take place unless bridges need to be inspected more frequently. Unsafe bridges are closed when deemed necessary by a bridge engineer. If an inspector would find an issue, they would notify engineers and the bridge would be closed and the public notified.

Questions about the Market Street Bridge connecting WV and OH were brought forward. The bridge had its weight limit reduced several months ago. During a recent inspection, it was closed due to suspension line concerns. It will be inspected again in a couple of months to see how much it deteriorates with no traffic to determine how to proceed. The Jennings Randolph Bridge reopened yesterday. More work will take place on it, but it is believed the work can be done with only outer lane closures.

Another federal bridge program has provided funding for an additional 95 bridges to be repaired.

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