Monday, March 27, 2023

Senate Adopts Four Amendments to Student Success Act, Moves Bill to Third Reading

The Senate adopted four amendments to the Student Success Act and advanced the bill to third reading during a Sunday afternoon floor session.

Senator Charlie Trump (R-Morgan, 15) successfully amended the bill. His change deals with the withholding of pay and preventing extracurricular activities during a public school strike. The amendment also prevents superintendents from being able to close school during a work stoppage. The change codifies that strikes of this nature are illegal.

Senator Ryan Weld (R-Brooke, 1) amended the bill to remove an institution of higher education from being a potential authorizer of charter schools, among other changes.

Senator Eric Tarr (R-Putnam, 4) amended the bill to allow county boards to establish an exceptional needs fund from surpluses for students who are likely to perform better outside of the public school setting.

Senator Patricia Rucker (R-Jefferson, 16) made a technical amendment to the bill.

An amendment by Senator Bill Hamilton, (R-Upshur, 11) to allow county voters to approve charter schools by referendum, was rejected.

The bill will be up for a vote on third reading in the Senate tomorrow.

Senate Bill 1040, Education Savings Account Act, was approved by the Rules Committee, read a first time, and will be on second reading tomorrow.


The Senate has adjourned until tomorrow, June 3, at 9 a.m.




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