Friday, March 31, 2023

Completed Legislation

Senate Bill 126, a rules bundle, authorizes the Department of Administration to create legislative rules for purchasing.

Senate Bill 216, a rules bundle, authorizes the Department of Commerce to create legislative rules for tourism development districts.

Senate Bill 270 allows the collection of the hotel occupancy tax by marketplace facilitators.

Senate Bill 272 creates the West Virginia Employment Law Worker Classification Act, which clarifies the classifications of independent contractors and employees. It also states who is qualifies for worker compensation and unemployment compensation within the classifications.

Senate Bill 277 creates the COVID-19 Jobs Protection Act, which provides immunity from civil liability for damages for an injury resulting from exposure to COVID-19 on the premises owned or managed by another person.

Senate Bill 280 requires government entities in the state to accept all payments electronically.

Senate Bill 296 repeals certain rules.

Senate Bill 338 creates the Fire Service Equipment and Training Fund.

Senate Bill 345 expands the alcohol test and lock program to include offenders with drug-related offenses.

Senate Bill 358 allows for ATMs to be in areas of the racetrack where video lottery games are played. This completed piece of legislation advances to the Governor.

Senate Bill 372 grants the West Virginia Board of Medicine more discretion to approve graduate clinical training.

Senate Bill 459 allows for contributions paid by a member into a retirement plan to be returned to the member’s heirs after the member’s death under certain circumstances.

House Bill 2001 creates the Jumpstart Savings Act.

House Bill 2262 changes who reports and reviews the controlled substance monitoring database.

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