House Completes 31 Senate Bills Today


The House convened this morning for day 4 of the special session.

The House postponed action on all third reading bills for one day. They continued to take up the companion bills from the Senate, which were on second reading today.

The rules were suspended, and all Senate companion bills were read a second and third time and placed upon their adoption. Of the 32 companion bills, 31 of them were completed and one was amended. Twenty-three of the bills were supplemental appropriation bills including Senate Bill 3001, Senate Bill 3004, and Senate Bill 3016.

Senate Bill 3001 moves $16,400,000 of federal funds from the Treasury funds to the Bureau of Senior Services. These funds are to assist senior centers with providing meals during the pandemic.

Senate Bill 3004 moves $1,098,839 of federal funds from the Treasury funds to the Department of Agriculture.

Senate Bill 3016 moves $72,900 from the General Revenue Fund to the Department of Arts, Culture, and History’s Division of Culture and History for current expenses and the creation of the WV Women’s Suffragist Memorial.

Senate Bill 3025 was amended. The bill permits a person with signature authority, under the federal ABLE Act, to open and manage an account on behalf of a designated beneficiary.

Other Bills which were completed by the House:

Senate Bill 3028 increases the statutory salary of the Director of the Lottery Commission from $92,500 to $110,000.

Senate Bill 3031 exempts taxation of the sale of certain aircraft sold in this state and registered in another state and removed from this state within 60 days.

Senate Bill 3033 creates two congressional districts based on the population of the 2020 census.

House Bill 335 was read for a second time today. It requires covered employers to provide for religious and medical exemptions from mandatory COVID vaccination mandates.

The House is in recess until 1 p.m.

The House reconvened to receive Senate messages. Senate Bill 3026 and Senate Bill 3030 were read for the first time.

The Rules Committee will meet tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

The House is adjourned until 9 a.m. tomorrow.