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House Gov. Org. Advances Eight Bills in Penultimate Meeting

The Committee on Government Organization advanced several bills in its final meeting.

Senate Bill 5 establishes the West Virginia Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Council. It requires all operators of unmanned aircraft systems to comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Senate Bill 138 reduces the number of board members on the WV Board of Medicine from 16 to 15 members.

Senate Bill 530 provides a coal severance tax escrow fund for the state portion of coal severance taxes paid on public-private transportation facilities. The bill authorizes the DOT to repay collected tac in escrow to private entities.

Senate Bill 582 creates the WV Workforce Resiliency Act and the Recovery and Hope Act. It establishes the Workforce Resiliency Office and the State Recovery and Hope Office.

Senate Bill 588 establishes the WV Rail Trails Program consisting of rail-to-trail and rail with trail programs. It expands State Rail Authority to acquire railroad rights-of-way and land for both trail programs.

Senate Bill 611 removes the cap on contract bidder’s surety or collateral bond.

Senate Bill 685 permits a salesperson to designate a cooperate entity to receive compensation for real estate sales.

Senate Bill 714 adds the Directory of the Office of Miners’ Health, Safety, and Training as a voting member to break tie votes by the Coal Mine Safety and Technical Review Committee.

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