Wednesday, November 29, 2023

House Finance Advances Four Bills on Day 55

The Finance Committee met this afternoon.

Senate Bill 262 authorizes the State Treasurer to prepare, maintain, and publicize a list of financial institutions engaged in boycotts of energy companies. The bill requires the Treasurer to post the list to his or her website and submit the list to public officers. The Treasurer is required to send a written notice to a financial institution when it is added to the list within 45 days. The bill advances.

Senate Bill 438 requires the State Treasurer to create rules and emergency rules relating to securing public deposits. The bill establishes the West Virginia Security for Public Deposits Program and requires the program to be operable by March 1, 2024. The bill advances.

Senate Bill 246 requires all newly constructed public-school buildings and all existing public-school buildings undergoing a major improvement to have water bottle filling stations installed. The bill also requires the board to create a policy allowing students to carry water bottles. The bill advances.

Senate Bill 228 provides tuition and fee waivers for terms of service completed in West Virginia as an AmeriCorps volunteer. The bill advances.

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