Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024

House Education Advances HB 2003

The House Education Committee met this afternoon to consider two pieces of legislation.

House Bill 2602 places classifications back into code that were inadvertently deleted in 2022 when House Bill 4829 passed. The bill advances.

House Bill 2003 provides early childhood assistant teachers and systems of support to help students achieve grade-level literacy and numeracy by the end of third grade. The bill replaces a transformative intervention framework with a multi-tiered system of support addressing both reading and mathematics. It includes the use of screening and/or benchmark assessments approved by the State Board to be administered three times throughout the school year. Services will be provided to students identified as having substantial deficiencies in screening assessments. The bill requires professional development for the teachers and the training and instruction provided by education preparation programs that prepare candidates seeking licensure for elementary education. Effective for the school year beginning July 1, 2026, the bill requires the retention in third grade of public-school students who demonstrate minimal grade level understanding and ability upon recommendation of teacher and student assistance team, with exceptions. If below level upon entering the fourth grade, an intervention will be provided. The bill requires an early childhood classroom assistant teacher in first, second, and third grade classrooms that have more than 12 pupils. The bill was amended and has advanced to the Finance Committee

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