Senate Judiciary Advances 4 House Bills, 1 Senate Bill


The Senate Judiciary met at 3:00 PM today and advanced five bills, four of which originated in the House. All of the bills will be reported to the full Senate with recommendation for passage.

HB 2497 extends and clarifies protections provided by the whistle-blower law. The bill provides that an employer cannot discriminate or retaliate against an employee for reporting corruption or otherwise illegal activity within the workplace. The bill does not alter current law but clarifies and specifies these protections.

HB 4166 prohibits certain sex offenders from supervising children. The bill establishes requirements for this prohibition and defines terms.

SB 279 requires dental insurance plans to honor an assignment made by the individual who is covered by the policy, regarding payments to a dentist or dental corporation for their services.

HB 4470 and 4466 were also passed and will be reported to the Senate.