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Completed Legislation Feb. 15 -21

SB 310 updates the terminology of certain terms used in the WV Personal Income Tax Act.

SB 544 allows pharmacists and pharmacy interns to distribute immunizations. The Senate concurred with the House’s amendments, completing legislation for this bill.

SB 560 allows certain medical professionals to administer medication in nursing homes under the supervision of a registered nurse. The House proposed a technical amendment, which was amended and passed by the Senate.

SB 620 authorizes the Commissioner of the Division of corrections and Rehabilitation to approve home plans for inmates and to establish requirements for the program.

HB 2497 clarifies the protections given to an individual under the Whistle-Blower Law. The bill provides that an employer cannot retaliate or discriminate against an employee who reports illegal activity or corruption within the workplace.

HB 4007 requires a physician to perform life-saving measures on a child born alive during an abortion.

HB 4166 prohibits sex offenders convicted of sexually violent offenses from having a supervisory position over children. This also applies to a person required to be on supervised release between the sentencing term of 10 years to life.

HB 4179 enacts the Recognition of Emergency Services Personnel Licensure Compact.

HB 4353 creates a rational nexus requirement between previous criminal conduct and decision making for initial licensure. The bill’s purpose is to remove obstacles for employment for persons with criminal records seeking licenses and certifications for certain careers governed by state laws.

HB 4381 extends the time for adopted children to get a lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping license.

HB 4470 clarifies that adults who commit a criminal offense while in juvenile custody ca not be held within the sight or sound of other inmates.

HB 4476 provides that the efficient collection, submission, testing and disposition of evidence in sexual assault cases be done in a timely manner. The bill requires sexual assault forensic examination kits to be directly submitted to the State Police Forensic Laboratory.

HB 4515 deals with wildlife resources and eligibility for license or permit application, requiring an eligibility statement for permit applications. The bill also clarifies false statements on permit applications as unlawful.

HB 4601 allows members of a police or fire municipal pension plans participating in a DROP to be considered active members in order to determine the distribution of premium tax proceeds.

Juliet Thomas
Juliet Thomas
My name is Juliet Thomas. I am a public relations and political science student at West Virginia University. During the 2020 legislative session, I am an intern for the Office of Legislative Information. I am reporting for the House of Delegates during the session.

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