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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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House Health Moves to Update CNA Credentials

The House Committee on Health and Human Resources met today, and several bills were discussed.

The Committee rejected a motion to report out an originating bill, which would have provided exemptions to private schools for immunizations.

House Bill 2776 creates the Air Ambulance Patient Protection Act. The bill advances to Judiciary. The bill advances to the Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 2674 updates the required credential for a certified nurse anesthetist who cooperates with a physician or dentist. It codifies current practice, which are in place under an executive order. The bill advances to the House.

House Bill 2598 changes the definition of an aboveground storage tank in the Aboveground Storage Act. The change would switch the inspection process from self-inspection and DEP inspections to inspections through the Oil and Gas Office, which is within the DEP.

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