Monday, September 25, 2023

House Judiciary Meets Twice Today

The Judiciary Committee met this morning and this afternoon, advancing several bills.

House Bill 4340 allows the DHHR as a guardian to make an organ donation without a court order. It clarifies the duties of the medical examiner when procuring the organ. The bill requires the state medical examiner to cooperate with procurement organizations to maximize the opportunity to recover organs for donation. The bill authorizes the procurement organizations to conduct a test or examination which is reasonably necessary to evaluate the medical suitability of the body or part of its intended purpose. The bill authorizes the state’s chief medical examiner to enter into contracts and agreements with a procurement organization when necessary to facilitate the efficient and economical recovery of organ donations. The bill advances to the floor.

House Bill 2910 updates the allocation of magistrates serving in each county and provides for the adjustments of those numbers of magistrates every 10 years following the census. Amendments were offered and rejected. The bill advances to the floor.

House Bill 4583 clarifies that a person who is incarcerated or in detention outside of the US may select a power of attorney to handle affairs while incarcerated or detained.

House Bill 4077 adds classes of consumer credit protection. The bill advances to the floor.

House Bill 4314 excludes a “solicitor” from the definition of “investor adviser” under the definition in the Uniform Securities Act.

House Bill 4559 provides for the final disposition of unidentified and unclaimed remains in the possession of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The bill advances to the floor.

House Bill 4524 reduces the rate of interest on delinquent property taxes.

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