Friday, June 2, 2023

Completed Legislation

Senate Bill 153 relates to ethical standards of public officers and employees. The bill will modify confidentiality provisions in relation to complaints filed with the Ethics Commission. A provision that requires persons filing a complaint to not disclose any information regarding the complaint during an investigation by the Ethics Commission will be removed. The bill also will prohibit the submission of false information and provide penalties for providing such information.

Senate Bill 411 will extend the time given to the Tyler County Commission to submit for approval or rejection by the Tyler County voters an excess levy that will finance vital public services.

Senate Bill 413 will encourage competitive equality for state-chartered banking institutions with federally chartered institutions and other financial services providers in West Virginia. The process will be regulated by the West Virginia Commissioner of Banking.

Senate Bill 476 will allow hunters to use a red-colored artificial light when hunting coyotes. Current law allows for the usage of only amber-colored lights.

House Bill 2478 will remove provisions from current law mandating brewers of nonintoxicating beer to require distributors to submit certain balance sheets or financial records. Mandating these records are currently required for brewers to retain their franchise.

House Bill 2869 will allow a domestic corporation to convert to a domestic limited liability company. The corporation’s Board of Governors will be required to submit a plan for conversion to the company’s shareholders and adoption of such a plan will require approval from each shareholder.

House Bill 2510 will allow some public sector monies to be used to meet the requirements of the Workforce Development Initiative, a program that encourages working partnerships between educational institutions and the business community. This measure was drafted during the Interims and proposed by the Legislative Oversight Commission on Workforce Development for Economic Development.

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