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Completed Legislation Feb. 1-7

HB 4042 states that agencies exempt from state purchasing requirements must adopt rules regarding purchasing procedures. The Senate requests the House to concur before it is sent to the governor.

HB 4091 allows for expedited oil and gas well permitting and permit modifications upon the payment of applicable expeditated fees, the proceeds of such fees, and the daily pro rata refund of the fees if the permit isn’t approved between the 45th and 60th days after submitting a permit application.

HB 4103 specifies the structure of the Office of Drug Control Policy in the Department of Health and Human Resources.

HB 4393 creates criminal penalties for asphyxiation and suffocation, and adds the terms to the definition of strangulation. The Senate requests the House to concur before advancing the bill to the governor.

HB 4496 eliminates the mandate for the Board of Risk and Insurance Management to buy liability insurance for the Division of Corrections.

Madison Perdue
Madison Perdue
My name is Madison Perdue. I am a third-year English and Multimedia Journalism student at Marshall University, and an intern for the Capitol’s Office of Reference and Information. I am excited to be involved in the 2020 legislative session and learn about West Virginia lawmaking and public relations. During session, I will be reporting for the Senate.

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